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Whether you are a seasoned rider or a first time owner, we will work closely with you to ensure the livery is working well to suit both you and your horse.

First time/inexperienced owner

We regularly host clinics in all disciplines on and off site

Buying your first horse can be a daunting but exciting experience. We have had many clients over the years join us with little more than a pair of gardening wellies and a packet of polo mints.......! At Woodpecker we offer “the works”! We are happy to guide you through the whole process from scanning the adverts to your new horse arriving!..... and then that’s when the real hard work starts! We offer the support necessary to ensure the first few weeks and months run as smoothly as possible until you are ready to fly solo!

The on-site tuition makes sure you are on board safely in the school and, as you and your new horse get to know one another, we can show you the excellent hacks available in and around Dale Abbey. Then, as your confidence grows, we will help you achieve all the ambitions that you have set out in our initial chat....and much more!

Busy, more experienced owner

Bruno enjoying the water splash!

Our more experienced clients enjoy the freedom and flexibility that our livery yard offers. The school enables riding anytime (around lessons) and the flood lights make it possible to ride at night through the winter. We can keep your horse in (so they are clean!) and we can clip/trim so you look smart. We are happy to have trailers parked on site so it is quick and easy to hitch up and get yourself off to your venue.

Our current liveries have an eclectic mix of interests including riding for the pure pleasure, competing at local shows, county showing, unaffiliated/affiliated dressage, jumping, XC and eventing. We have young and old four legged (5yrs-24yrs!) and two legged clients (5yrs-77yrs!).

A quick overview of what we offer

Stabling and yard
  • 10 purpose built indoor stables- bright and airy with lights and water
  • Owner lives on site
  • CCTV covering entire premises
  • Alarmed storage areas
  • Floodlit yard and parking area
  • Trailer parking (at no extra charge)
  • Yard flushing toilet ... with sink
  • Insurance and electric fully checked

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Bedding, feed, hay and worming
  • Top quality hay, haylage and shavings
  • Hard feed delivered weekly to your bin
  • Wash off/hay soaking area
  • Worming

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Turnout and riding
  • 20 x 40m Mansfield Sand Premier fibre sand school with flood lights and jumps
  • Mud-free winter turn out

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Farrier, dentist and veterinary care
  • Yard farrier, qualified to Remedial level, reliable and punctual
  • On site Vet
  • Fully insured facilities and qualified and experienced staff

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Livery packages, lessons and schooling prices
  • Lesson and schooling prices

More Information

Stabling and yard

The livery stables

The yard sits on approximately 9 acres of land with a further 6 acres rented for winter turnout. We have a purpose built indoor stabling for 10 horses which is well lit, has running water and is well ventilated. As the horses can all see each other we find this a very sociable and settling environment for all of our four legged guests.

As owners, we live on site which we really enjoy and find very convenient, enabling us to offer the service we wish to provide. A late night check is always carried out and any “under the weather guests” requiring especially close monitoring can be accommodated. We also have the added security of full-premises CCTV and alarmed storage areas.

The outside yard has room for parking cars and trailers (we are very happy to help any nervous drivers!!). In the depths of winter (when we are questioning our choice of hobby!!) the laser triggered lights around the yard enable easy navigation and a general feeling of being safe and secure.

During 2013 we have built our dwelling as well as adding and improving to the facilities already here at Woodpecker. The one addition that was most welcome was a flushing toilet complete with a light (!) sink with running water, loo roll and a lock on the door!

The yard is fully insured and all electrics are checked by a qualified electrician. In addition, all horses are required to have their own 3rd Party Public Liability insurance.

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Bedding, feed, hay and worming

Trojan making himself feel at home!

All the livery horses are bedded on dust free locally produced shavings which are fully mucked out every day.

As a livery you are welcome to purchase your own bagged feed from our local tack shops. We like to make life as easy as possible so we have a feed merchant deliver to the yard every week who offers a wide range of products at very competitive prices. You simply write your order down, or this will be done for you if on full livery, and the feed will arrive next to your bins!

The best quality hay is purchased locally off the field every summer lasting us the whole year. We have facilities for convenient soaking of hay nets if required. We also buy in excellent quality haylage.

(Please note liveries are required to purchase hay, haylage and bedding from Woodpecker Stables).

All new horses are wormed with either Equest or Equest Pramox (depending on the time of year) upon arrival. The yard follows the Liverpool Diagnostic program. Dung samples are taken in February, May, and August. All horses receive an Equest Pramox in November. Our summer fields are cleared daily of droppings by our hard working staff. This regime has proven very successful and we find our worm population is consistently low.

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Turnout and riding

One of our chip paddocks

All the horses have turnout all year round whatever the weather! As a rule, all our residents are in at night and out during the day.

In the summer we use our own grassland and the horses are put in groups of between 3 and 6. For those residents that put on weight a little too easily(!) we can turn-out for part of the day on our chip paddocks to keep an eye on their waist line!

During the winter we rest our summer grass fields and turn out in pairs into the "chip" paddocks. The chip paddocks provide excellent turnout during the wet and cold winter months. The horses enjoy a leg stretch and opportunity to roll and they all have hay to munch on too. We find our owners love this as their horses come in mud free and therefore are in no danger of developing mudfever! We also rent a larger grass field in the village on which (at a small extra cost) horses can be turned out on a rota basis.

20m x 40m Mansfield Sand Premier Fibre surface

All the fields are fenced by hedge, post and rail or permanent electric. There is no wire whatsoever on our premises.

We have a 20m x 40m Mansfield Sand Premier Fibre sand school which is flood lit and has a set of show jumps that you are welcome to use. Liveries are free to use the school when it is not being used for lessons. The lesson times are emailed to every owner a week in advance so you can plan your schooling.

We are very happy to hack or school your horse or give tuition at a convenient time for you (on or off site).

Dale Abbey offers a fantastic bridle-path network, just a few minutes ride from the yard.

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Farrier, dentist and veterinary care

Kevin shoeing Mrs Moo!

Liveries can choose whichever farrier they wish-a good one is hard to find! If the appointment is at a mutually pre-arranged convenient time then we are happy to supervise the visit. However we do have a yard farrier Kevin Ireton AWCF (trained to remedial level) who visits regularly and does an excellent job, as well as turning up on time!

Dentists again can be chosen by the livery and again, if the appointment is at a mutually pre-arranged convenient time, we are happy to supervise the visit.

Veterinary care tends to be carried out by the excellent local practices. An additional bonus at Woodpecker is we have a dedicated Equine Vet as joint owner of the business! Although Gil’s practice, Pool House Equine Clinic, is too far for emergency work to be covered, liveries find having a vet on site most evenings and weekends very useful!

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Livery Packages

Contact Us for an up to date price list

livery-field derbyshire

All livery is provided 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year (yes we do Christmas Day too!) All stable and yard maintenance is included (fields cleared of droppings/waters filled/fencing repaired etc).

Our livery starts from £95 per week. Please contact Emma for a full and up to date price list.

Bills are e-mailed to the livery on a weekly basis (or paper copies can be printed) and accounts are settled weekly via internet banking, cheque or cash.

Full Livery
  • AM: feed, rug change, turnout/bring in
  • Full muck out, top up bedding if necessary
  • Watered, hayed, feed and hay prepared
  • PM: bring in/turnout
  • Feet picked, rug change, fed
  • Hard feed ordered and purchased (billed for on a weekly basis)
Flexible livery week days/part livery weekends
  • Week days as full livery above, weekends as part livery below
  • Hard feed ordered and purchased (billed for on a weekly basis)
Weekend Part livery
  • AM: feed, rug change, turnout/bring in
  • Buckets emptied and cleaned
  • Full muck out, bed left up to dry
  • Additional full livery days can be added at £5.00 per day
Extra costs for all livery
  • Hay £4.35
  • Haylage £40.00 per large bale
  • Bedding £8.40
Other costs:
  • Hard feed (part livery)
  • Farrier, dentist, vet, insurance
  • Winter village turnout £5.00
  • Lessons, schooling, clipping

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