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Rehabilitation Livery

Following lifesaving colic surgery Ginger Bob spent the summer in rehab with us. On a perfect sunny Autumn day he performed his transport duties foot perfect as he took one of his owners to church to get married!

Our new venture at Woodpecker has been the addition of new purpose built stabling to provide an ideal environment in which to have horses in to recover from a wide range of injuries.

We take in acute and chronic rehabilitation cases. Acute cases often come in at short notice with individual requirements post veterinary care. Common conditions we see are post op colic, lower limb and spinal surgeries with specific rehabilitation needs. With 24 hour on site experienced care, clients can be reassured that their horse is given the best opportunity of making a full recovery.

Chronic liveries are often acute rehabs that have successfully returned to work but need regular checks to insure the horse remain fit and well once back to full fitness. Our clients find that “prevention is better than cure” and having the team around every day is a real luxury they value.

rehabilitation livery

The list is endless on what type of injuries we can aid horses in recovering from. However, these are just some of the conditions we have been rehabilitating:

  • Colic surgeries (8 weeks box rest post-surgery, then 8 weeks controlled exercise /small paddock turnout)
  • Suspensory desmitis (6 weeks box rest/controlled exercise then 6 weeks small paddock turnout followed by 8 weeks ridden fitness program)
  • Hock OCD surgery (4 weeks box rest, in hand walking built up from 5mins twice a day)
  • Knee surgery (4 weeks box rest, in hand walking for 3 weeks, small paddock turnout)
  • Tooth removal (8 small feeds per day, pain management)
  • Laminitis (3 weeks box rest, chip paddock turnout, diet and exercise monitored)
  • Gastric ulcers/colic (Night checks, controlled diet)

Injuries We Can Rehab

Woodpecker Rehabilitation Facilities

Built in 2013, the new Rehab stables at Woodpecker Stables

Most recovery programs are centred on box rest allied to short but frequent periods of controlled activity. This exercise regimen is just about impossible for the horse owner in full-time employment! A successful rehabilitation also requires the skill of a number of different people and at Woodpecker we bring together those skills.

We create individual recovery programs to keep your horse’s mind occupied as well as giving their body the very best chance of returning to full health and fitness.

One of our all-weather turn out paddocks

Box rest can be a distressing time for not just the horse but the owner too! However it is essential to complete this first stage of rehabilitation properly as it is the foundation for the recovery. At Woodpecker we are around all day and night (!) and the brand new stables have CCTV installed and are next door to our home!! We are able to carry out frequent checks and make the days more interesting by giving small frequent feeds, grooming, in-hand grazing etc to break up the day. The barn type design means our guests are able to see life going on even though they may be confined to box rest for a large part of their stay.

We have chip paddock turn-out areas which are perfect for the next stage on the road to recovery permitting small paddock turn-out but with no mud or uneven ground (risking re-injury and going back to square one!!).

One of our guests recovering from surgery

We have our Mansfield Sand arena where we can start lunging progressing eventually to ridden work. We are also fortunate in having very close access to bridleways and hill work to include, and add variety to, the fitness program.

As well as having the facilities to rehabilitate our guests, we have the direct access to Gil who oversees the recovery programmes and assesses the progress made. Daily reports on guests are fed back to Gil to ensure all veterinary boxes are ticked!

Our yard farrier Kevin Ireton makes sure our equines have perfectly balanced feet to a remedial level.

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